May is Iowa Wine Month!

May is Iowa Wine Month! With nearly 100 wineries located across the state, we encourage you to get out and taste, savor and experience Iowa wine! Iowa’s wine and grape industry boasts an impressive nearly $42 million dollar economic impact on the state and is an important part of Iowa agriculture.

may is iowa wine month

Ways to Celebrate Iowa Wine Month:

1. Visit one of the nearly 100 wineries located across the state. Need some directions? Check out our map of member wineries here or download the Iowa Wine & Beer free app and plan your trip today!

2. Pick up a bottle of Iowa wine at your nearest retailer. They don’t offer any Iowa wine? Demand..err, ask them politely to start carrying your favorite Iowa wines!

3. Host a wine tasting get together. Invite your family or friends over for an informal wine tasting of a variety of locally made Iowa wines. Don’t forget the five S’s (see, swirl, smell, sip, savor) and to brush up on your wine-o terms (found here)! For bonus points, pair each wine with a local Iowa cheese!

4. Take a winery tour. Experience everything that goes on behind-the-scenes in making some of your favorite and delicious Iowa wines! There’s a lot that happens between the grape and the bottle. Helpful hint: be sure to check out the winery’s website for more information on tours, or give them a call beforehand to make sure they’re ready to show you around when you show up.

5. Go on a wine trail. Iowa has eight wine trails covering nearly every region in the state for you to choose from! Check out the wine trails here, as many participating wineries in each trail host special events at each stop.

6. Mix it up! Iowa wines are great alone, but if you’re looking for a fun spin on things, try a wine cocktail! For fun ideas and inspiration, check out our Mix it Up! Pinterest board.

7. Serve Iowa wine with your next meal. OK, maybe wine for breakfast is frowned upon during the work week, but wine’s best partner in crime is food! Check out fun tips and ideas on our Food & Wine Pinterest board.

8. Get crafty! As soon as you finish off that bottle of wine, don’t recycle the bottle and toss the cork just yet! There are many fun ways to get a little crafty with Iowa wine bottles and corks. Check out our DIY: Wine Bottles and DIY: Corks Pinterest boards for ideas.

9. Learn more about the grapes that go into your glass. The more you know, the more you’ll appreciate all that goes into the locally grown grapes and handcrafted wines from wineries here in Iowa. Check out more information on Iowa’s unique grape varietals here.

10. Post your adventures with the Iowa wine industry on social, using the hashtag #IowaWineMonth or #IAWine! Share pics, video or check in wherever you go so you can introduce the Iowa Wine industry to your friends and family. While you’re at it, follow or like @IAWine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram to stay involved.

Cheers to Iowa Wine Month!