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The Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the growth of the wine and grape industry in Iowa. Established in 2000, the Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) supports the industry through education, marketing/promotion and legislative support. The Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) employs one full-time staff person who reports to a voluntary Board of Directors. The IWGA Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis and hold an annual meeting at the IWGA Annual Conference each year in February. If you are someone in the grape and wine industry in Iowa and are interested in being more involved, consider joining as a member of the IWGA or contact us to learn about additional opportunities. 

"The IWGA is an excellent resource for help for all things grape and wine! We really appreciate their help in promoting the Iowa wine industry."

— The Wijn House

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iowa wine trails

Iowa has eight wine trails criss-crossing our beautiful state. Whether you're road-tripping along Interstate 80, heading into the scenic Loess Hills of western Iowa or traveling along the riverbanks of the Mississippi, there's a trail ready for you to explore!


get to know our grapes

Midwest vineyards grow what is known as cold-climate grapes, which are grapes capable of thriving in the shorter growing seasons and surviving the harsh winters we're known for in Iowa. Take a look and get to know the grapes going into your glass of local Iowa wine - you may discover your new favorite!


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With 100 wineries throughout Iowa, there's an experience for you to discover! Plan your wine trip today.

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