IWGA Registered apprenticeship program

The Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) Registered Apprenticeship Program is an educational and hands-on skills training program designed with the goal of creating a well-educated and experienced workforce to help supply and sustain the staffing needs of the wine industry throughout Iowa and the Midwest region.

Our registered apprenticeship program is the first of its kind as a statewide industry association sponsored program, and will set certified cellar workers and winemakers apart when it comes to receiving the education and experience necessary for success in this industry.

Experience has demonstrated that a practical and sound method of preparing workers for employment in skilled occupations is through planned registered apprenticeship - a training concept which provides for employment and training under actual job conditions supervised by skilled professionals and at wages commensurate with the apprentice's skill. Through registered apprenticeship, we have the opportunity to systematically examine the needs of our industry and then address those needs in a structured way to help prepare for the future.

We encourage you to consider the IWGA Registered Apprenticeship Program. For more information, review our Standards of Apprenticeship. Sponsoring Employers - enroll today!

Download the IWGA Standards of Apprenticeship (pdf).
Download the Employer Participation Agreement Form (pdf).
Download the IWGA Apprenticeship Program Application (pdf).